About ME

Hello and welcome to The Job Whisperer!

My name is Frank Baran and I’m an holistic employment coach, yoga enthusiast and professional optimist. I created The Job Whisperer to help my clients find employment, overcome barriers and identify and access their dream career.

I believe job searching is about identifying the career that suits you, believing in yourself, and using the hidden job market – finding employment isn’t one size fits all! Whether you’re looking to change careers, find a new job or overcome barriers to employment, you can benefit from my programs.

The Job Whisperer employment support services and training packages are established from proven principles with the goal of providing innovative and successful pre-employment support and training. My programs are designed to assist clients toward employment by providing a learning environment based around knowledge, empathy, respect, identifying barriers, proven methods and fun.

I bring over 27 years of recruitment agency, job service provider and online experience. As well as working in case management, job search training and as a senior manager in the employment services industry, I am also a qualified Drug and Alcohol worker. I specialise in therapeutic group work and online coaching, conducting successful programs with numerous clients that include major treatment centres, large and small jobactive and DES providers and the justice system.

Over the years I have identified a real need for a different style of training and support. A more personalised support that combines knowledge, experience and understanding to help provide successful employment.

I currently offer online employment coaching through one on one appointments or my successful six day employment challenge. My training courses are tailored to all client groups and employment counselling services in order to identify barriers to employment before we look at employment.

I have trained in over 200 cities and towns around Australia, including several remote Indigenous communities as well as NESB groups in Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Arabic. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to achieve results for yourself or your clients.