Andy Baran, The Job Whisperer:
Your mindful, compassionate, experienced career coach

Andy Baran, The Job Whisperer:
Your mindful, compassionate, experienced career coach

About Me:

Namaste! I’m Andy Baran, your Mindful Career Coach.

I’ve embarked on a mission with The Job Whisperer to guide and empower individuals in unlocking the door to their dream careers, overcoming barriers, and embracing employment that aligns with their unique spirit.

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What I Do:

The offerings of The Job Whisperer are centered around providing personalised and mindful guidance to individuals in their career journeys. My services collectively reflect the mindful and compassionate approach of The Job Whisperer, aiming to guide individuals toward meaningful and fulfilling careers while addressing both practical and emotional aspects of the job search and career development process. The core themes for The Job Whisperer’s offerings revolve around the following services:

Mindful Career

One-on-one sessions focused on guiding individuals with mindfulness principles, helping them explore their strengths, values, and ambitions to connect with a fulfilling career. Believe in yourself!

Personalized Career

Tailored programs that facilitate self-discovery, encouraging individuals to explore and identify career paths that resonate with their unique skills and interests.

Overcoming Interview Barriers

Specialised support in recognising and overcoming barriers to employment, addressing challenges with empathy and providing actionable strategies for success.

Hidden Job Market

Guidance on navigating the hidden job market, uncovering opportunities that may not be immediately visible through traditional job search methods.

Transforming Workplace Trauma

Workplace trauma and stress can severely impact our professional and personal lives, diminishing productivity, straining relationships, and undermining happiness.

Pre-Employment Support And Resume Training

Comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for successful resume building and professional development.