We are proud of all past, present and future Job Whisperer clients.

Frank would like to highlight seven fantastic results from his career, but he could easily share a magnificent 777 clients who have achieved positive results in their life!

Magnificent example 1

Let’s go way back to 2001 with Ms J, a 32 year old jobseeker with a year long work history, a very negative attitude, no kids and a loss of motivation.
Ms J was in my Job Search Training Group looking for admin work and we focused on what she can do, not what she had done. A script was put together and her first call achieved an interview for the next day; her second call crashed and burned and her third call created an interview for that afternoon. Her provider organized suitable attire for the interviews and off she went.
Later that afternoon she arrived back and said “I am not going to your course tomorrow”, I guessed why and asked anyway: “Why not?” and the answer was “I am starting work tomorrow”. That’s gold to me! Ms J stayed in the position for over 12 months and was still working in the admin role when I last spoke with her.

Magnificent example 2

Let’s look at a group in a particular area.
From 2007 to 2010 I conducted a course every Monday and Friday with a provider in North Western Sydney. We ran training (theory) on Monday and we conducted job searching (practical) on Friday.
The groups were open so clients could enter at any time and they stayed in the group until a result was achieved. 130 long term unemployed clients went through the course for 85 employment outcomes, 20 study outcomes and a further 18 transferred offsite or moved to another benefit. When the project finished we had only seven clients in the room. That is a fantastic result!

Magnificent example 3

I conducted a five week transition program for Dubbo Googars CDEP. The training was for 61 clients, and with the support of the local providers we placed 49 into host or ongoing employment. It was the first of many successful Indigenous programs that I have conducted.

Magnificent example 4

I conducted a group training session in Armidale NSW. I had a man in my group who had arrived in Armidale four months earlier. He had been offered a job with a disability provider, but the job was given to a current staff member at the last moment. That is pretty tough.
I asked who the other disability providers were in town and he could name all seven. I asked him what they said about his skills and he advised me he doesn’t know as none had advertised. I gently explained to him that at the moment if he approached them directly he is competing against no one however the moment they advertise he will be competing against 40-60 others. We put together a script, he approached all seven, attended five interviews and accepted three part time roles which added up to 50 hours a week. What a success!

Magnificent example 5

In 2011 I piloted a drug and alcohol program at Odyssey House Campbelltown (I’ve shared a testimonial from the program).
Mr J was a young lad who wanted to be an apprentice in the building game. However, let’s say his past was a bit chequered. We devised a plan, used the Yellow Pages and approached a list of local builders. Someone took him on – a successful outcome! I ran into Mr J two years later at a carpark in Campbelltown. He was still clean and sober, still in the same job and showed off his shiny late model ute. How good is that!

Magnificent example 6

In Liverpool, Ms B wanted to break into childcare. Her resume was all over the place, focusing more on her bartending and retail background. We put together a skills based resume focusing on childcare and her recent qualification.
Ms B approached 10 employers the day after the course finished and then called me in a bit of a tizz. Ms B said “Frank, I have approached 10 employers and I have seven interviews next week, this stuff really works!“ My response was “Well of course it works!” Ms B’s problem the following week was which of the THREE full time job offers to take!

Magnificent example 7

I can’t go past the treatment centre course that we conducted in Sydney from 2012 to 2014 that has its own results page. Many clients left the treatment centre and went straight into employment.


Studies show the three biggest reasons why people pick up a drug or a drink after a period of recovery are family, accommodation and employment. I cannot stress how important it is for clients to find work as soon as they start to make social changes and then feel “better” about themselves.