Identify your barriers and define a goal towards employment!

The Take It Forward Program is an intensive 4 day program designed to encourage clients to recognise and address barriers, identify a personal objective to help solve barriers or reach an employment or training related goal.

Clients will also examine the social and personal skills required for employment to be achieved before finally turning towards hidden job market techniques to help secure employment.

The course can be tailored toward general barriers or can focus on a specific barrier.

Target group: Suitable for all job seekers.
Delivery: 4 consecutive days (9:30-4:30pm)


  • Daily verbal client appraisal
  • Client will be assessed with a recovery or employment pathway
  • Results of ideal occupation questionnaire
  • Suggested realistic immediate job choices
  • Suggested long term choices
  • Resume reviewed and updated
  • Personalised Cover Letter and Thank You Letter provided
  • Written client appraisals and attendance reports
  • Suggested continued strategies and follow up
  • Ongoing mentoring for clients requiring further support with their lifestyle/employment changes

The programs on these pages are targeted towards Job Service Providers and large organisations that can provide 10+ job seekers per training group. If you are an individual job seeker please check out the 6 day employment challenge and online coaching pages.