This was the result for one of The Job Whisperer’s ongoing Sydney programs hosted by Employment Program Consultant Frank Baran.
The program was conducted at a major Treatment Centre and many of the clients achieved 13 and 26 week outcomes. The program was discontinued due to lack of Government Funding. Further information about this program available upon request.

Month client commenced
Group Size
Gained Employment
Working and Studying
Combined work/study %
Mar 2012 to Sept 20125322422553%
October 20128330275%
November 20129300633%
January 201374300100%
February 20137410271%
March 20134001325%
April 20135101340%
May 20134010325%
July 20135111260%
Aug 201310430370%
Sep 201313440562%
Oct 201310340370%
Nov 20139230455%
Dec 201310080280%
Jan 20145210260%
Feb 20147220358%


Due to the client base some clients did not complete the full program (structured to be completed part time over a 5 week period). For the clients who did complete the program the work/study result increased to 67%