Comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for successful resume building and professional development.

Pre-Employment Support and Resume Training

Crafting Impactful Resumes: A Mindful Approach to Direct Employer Engagement!
In this two-session service, we guide you on the effectiveness of a concise, impactful resume and direct engagement with employers for enhanced job searching.

Session 1: Understanding the Power of Conciseness

Explore the significance of a succinct resume in a mindful discussion.

Receive a template and guidance on filling it to capture the essence of your professional journey.

Session 2: Crafting Your Final Resume Version Together

Analyze the resume you crafted in the first session.

Collaboratively refine and create the final version that resonates with your unique professional story.

This service is designed to empower you with a purposeful and concise resume, coupled with the skills to approach employers directly for a more effective job search journey.

PRICE: $595 for 2 one hour sessions and an updated, personalised resume.


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