Tailored programs that facilitate self-discovery, encouraging individuals to explore and identify career paths that resonate with their unique skills and interests.

Personalized Career Exploration

Two online sessions that gives an overview for job seekers who feel closer to their employment goals to help align their motivation, fostering a purposeful transformation for their journey toward career readiness.

A Mindful Guidance Session Tailored for Job Seekers Nearing Their Employment Goals: Aligning Motivation for a Purposeful Transformation on the Path to Career Readiness”.

In this personalized session as your Job Whisperer, we provide a mindful overview designed for job seekers who find themselves nearing their employment goals. Our focus is on aligning your motivation, fostering a purposeful transformation that propels you towards a state of career readiness. Together, we navigate the nuances of your journey, ensuring that your motivation becomes a powerful force in shaping a fulfilling and purpose-driven professional future.

Welcome and Introduction:

  • facilitate self-discovery and help individuals identify career paths aligned with their unique skills and interests.

Mindful Self-Reflection:

  • a guided mindfulness exercise to encourage participants to reflect on their values, strengths, and passions.
  • discussion around the importance of aligning one’s career with personal values for a more fulfilling professional life.

Strengths and Interests Assessment:

  • An exercise to help participants identify their strengths and interests.
  • An exercise about the process of recognizing patterns in their past experiences and preferences that could inform potential career paths.

Exploration Exercises:

  • explore potential career paths.
  • Encouraging participants to think beyond traditional roles, considering how their unique combination of skills and interests might lead to unconventional yet personally rewarding opportunities.

Review and Reflection:

  • Reviewing insights gained from the previous session’s exercises.
  • Allowing participants to share their reflections and any challenges they encountered during the self-discovery process.

Identifying Motivations:

  • Guiding participants in identifying their core motivations for seeking specific employment goals.
  • Discussing the significance of aligning career choices with personal motivations for sustained enthusiasm and commitment.

Visioning Exercise:

  • Visioning exercise to help participants visualize their ideal professional future.

Action Planning:

  • Creating a personalized action plan, outlining specific steps towards achieving their career goals.
  • Discussing potential obstacles and strategies for overcoming challenges during their journey.

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