Frank Baran is a leading specialist in the creation and delivery of preeminent employment programs for clients affected by major barriers.

That’s a good question and I am glad you are on the ball and feel the need to ask.

Knowledge can be shared from a book, or through trainers with experience but I believe when you add the fun aspect and the life experiences and share in a story telling way that’s when the courses separate themselves from “just another training program”

Let’s start with Lettuce.

Lettuce is lettuce I hear you say…but it’s not! It can be rocket or iceberg or many other varieties and that’s important to the foodies but it can also be crispy or soggy and that’s important to all of us. Who wants soggy lettuce ? I don’t!!! Generally the disadvantaged client base I work with have spent so much time focusing on what they can’t do rather than on what they can do, they forget that they are crispy lettuce! They either tell the employer they are spinach or worse still – they think the employer wants to hear they are soggy lettuce.

The employer wants them to believe they can do the skill set rather than they can’t do it.

Insert a skill set for lettuce to see how it relates to employment. Now we aren’t going to say we are spinach when we are lettuce, because that is letting employers believe we have skills we do not have. Let’s be the crispiest lettuce that we can be.

Let’s use one more food analogy. Why do we tell employers we are plain burgers as if that is exciting ? It’s not. I like to be the most deluxe burger with two beyond amazing patties and extra sauce. It clearly sounds more tasty to say I can drive high reach, gas and electric forklifts, really enjoy receiving and despatch and the energy of the warehouse rather than saying “yeah, I can drive a forklift”…

So that’s the obvious motivational stuff but it’s not just about that. I can also use thousands (not hundreds) of examples of clients who have approached employers directly and found work using these methods!

Check out the Magnificent 7 page and have a look at previous superstars and the current superstars who have achieved results. I am inspired by these clients and admire the changes they make

Finally there is the Job Whisperer guarantee:  All my clients receive an exercise book. If they are prepared to use the book in the way the program is taught and when they approach 100 realistic employers in City areas or 50 realistic employers in country areas and they are still not working I will give them $500 cash.

Every result achieved is exciting to me. My hours are 8am-9pm seven days a week, 365 days a year TILL I DIE to all my clients I have met once or worked with for a few weeks (hopefully I won’t die soon, but I’ll need to stay away from those deluxe burgers!)

Check out the rest of the website to see all the professional credibility to back up the fun and give me a call wherever you are. I have visited many places in Australia, and would love to see all of it. Australia impresses and astounds me, it’s a perk of my job and I’m lucky to be able to visit these beautiful locations.